The association has a range of equipment which members can avail of. The equipment is managed by Gerald Williams, who can be contacted at 053 9421823


  • 2 extractors (€5 for 48 hrs to be returned clean)

    Honey extractor which pulls liquid honey from frames
    Honey extractor which pulls liquid honey from frames
  • 2 observation hives for use in demonstrations.
  • Bee suits for visits to the apiary.
  • Magazines and books by special arrangement.


We have recently acquired a Porta-cabin on site  (wired for electricity) to augment our original storage shed. It will also be ideal for carrying out grafting ( queen rearing) and giving demonstrations of extracting honey.

Plus of course 11 colonies in the association apiary. These are a mixture of  National, Commercial and  WBC hives  with associated supers and section crates so that beginners can assess  them all.

The association produces National Nuc’s (nucleus hive),weather permiting, which can be sold to beginners at reduced rates. Any surplus nuc’s can be sold at commercial rates. Please contact Gerald Williams for further information.