Becoming a Beekeeper

Anybody can become a beekeeper

Man, woman, young or old can become a beekeeper, wherever you live, the countryside, villages, towns or cities.

Beekeeping is a fun and very interesting hobby that will provide you with lovely honey for your family and which will also provide ideal gifts for relatives and friends. A free jar of honey never gets refused.

Some people develop beekeeping into a profitable sideline providing them selves with a supplementary income, but do not take up beekeeping to make money here in Ireland as the weather is a very limiting factor.

As long as you are mobile enough to get around by one means or another, there is no reason why (with a little help for lifting boxes) you cannot take up beekeeping along with anyone else.  We have one member who successfully keeps bees even though he is confined to a wheelchair.

Beekeeping can provide you with a lifetime interest that will keep you continually learning something new, as well as allowing you a better appreciation of nature and at the same time providing a perfect sanctuary from the pressures of everyday life.

Gorey beekeepers run a beginner’s course each March.  This consists of five lectures on theory, followed by a practical tutorial in the Association’s apiary.  You can register your interest here.

The bees know what they are doing better than the beekeeper